Christmas, Cats, and Trams

For the holiday we were cat-sitting a feline named Veronica. She is a gorgeous grey with stripes and a bushy tail, almost like a fox. I have never had a mammalian pet, and I was utterly fascinated. She is quite playful, so we made her toys; she would catch them and then forget about them,... Continue Reading →


It's the holiday season! It has been since Halloween, really. Hong Kong is decked out in fake snow and a plethora of poinsettias. It is actually mostly tasteful. There are lovely blooming poinsettias lining my street and in my office. Some stores have tasteful decor-the Cartier store is lovely with thick greenery and lights, for... Continue Reading →


I have been relatively lackadaisical in my going out and about in the city lately. I have noticed a few things in my regular life, but I have been spending my weekends lazing about the apartment reading and writing and drinking tea. This became more apparent to me on Sunday, when I was taking the... Continue Reading →

Christmas at Starbucks

It's November and that means it's Christmas at Starbucks. We are now subjected to the aromas of Toffee Nut Lattes (made from the fabled toffee nut tree found far into the North Pole) and Gingerbread syrup (made from corn) in our beverages. They have a two foot tall pine tree, with shiny gold balls, on... Continue Reading →


There is a Zoroastrian building on Leighton road near my office. There is a golden faravahar on the corner of the building, and the label over 101 Leigton road says "Zoroastrian Building" in polished gold letters. They have recently erected bamboo scafolding for some refurbishments, and so the faravahar is no longer visible, but you... Continue Reading →

We don’t have any

A new mall opened a few months ago in Causeway Bay. I went with some co-workers for the novelty; we got dessert and explored. There is a fascinating 24 hour book store, a maze of escalotors and shops and a massive food court. We found our way to the top floor to select a dessert... Continue Reading →

Temporarily home

I moved to Hong Kong with a single checked bag, a carry on suitcase and a purse. I had some clothes, shoes, a towel, measuring cups, nutmeg, and some essential toiletries and medicines. Since I have been here, I've stocked a kitchen with dishes and food stuffs, purchased a DVD player, bookshelves, board games, art,... Continue Reading →

Finding Ozone

On Monday night ML and I were supposed to meet friends at Ozone. Neither of us had ever been to this bar, and we did not know how to get there. The friends texted us saying that it was in Kowloon, they were taking a cab, "walking is impossible." Kowloon is huge. That's like saying... Continue Reading →

EPIC: not a workout

Last week I went with two friends to a free [read promotional] work out class at a place called "EPIC" put on by Sassy Hong Kong. 50 women, in an hour long class that was supposed to go through 4 types of work outs: yoga, self-defense, capoeira and boxing. I should have known it wasn't... Continue Reading →

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