I have been relatively lackadaisical in my going out and about in the city lately. I have noticed a few things in my regular life, but I have been spending my weekends lazing about the apartment reading and writing and drinking tea. This became more apparent to me on Sunday, when I was taking the tram to the office, and noted that in Victoria park there were reams of uniformed men and women marching in a parade.

I have encountered two parades in the past two weeks, for unknown reasons. Both times I have been without a camera. The first, I was going to Mandarin class on a Wednesday morning, and people playing drums wearing bright red and some in black strolled by carrying signs. They were marching around my block, it must have been the point where they turned around and went back to their originating location. I was trapped for about 10 minutes inside the turn, and broke through after some dragons passed. Then over the weekend there was a mystery event in the park.

These events are now a motivation for me to do two things: always carry my camera, just in case I encounter a parade, and to actually go out into the city more. Things are always happening around the town, and there is plenty of stuff I haven’t yet seen. I shall stop being lazy, and start being more interesting. Maybe.

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