Former expat, current Chicagoan, strident feminist, studied the Middle East, reader, runner, traveler, eater. Writing and communications professional for nonprofits.

This is my personal creative platform; posts are infrequent or regular depending on the year.

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    1. The strangest story I’ve heard was when one friend encountered a boar while on a hike. She hoped that it didn’t notice her, and then she turned and ran the other way. Otherwise the most extreme animals tend to be monkeys, feral dogs, large spiders and groups of cattle. On my first hike here, we were taking pictures of monkeys, and my camera made noise; one monkey got annoyed and began to throw nuts at me from above. Sometimes they seem to even chase people. Cattle and snakes tend to just get in the way, but only when you are far out from the city. On the beach you get things like jellyfish or small crabs. Bird watching can also be quite interesting, with kites and fabled eagles. Sometimes non-natural things can be even more interesting, like abandoned villages in rural areas.

  1. Hi Jamie
    I lived in Hong Kong from 1966-85 and since the early 1990s have been collecting strange fauna stories with a friend for a book that hasn`t been written yet.Mainly from old Hong Kong newspapers I have a pile of photocopies at least 4ft high of tigers,leopards,crocodiles(sic!0,bear,even the odd hyena and kangaroo! In the early 1920s a giant salamander,once thought a new species,was found in a drain at the Botanical Gardens.Have you ever seen pig-tailed monkeys on The Peak or elsewhere? My blog Muirhead`s Mysteries sometimes covers Hong Kong.
    p.s Was that boar on Hong Kong island?

  2. Hi Jamie, I run a school newspaper here in HK and one of my young journalists would love to interview you on a story about hiking in Hong Kong…would you be keen to help out? Thanks,

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