A Labyrinth of Immigration

Many people, including me (though I have fewer now I hope), have misconceptions about American Immigration. They might assume that it is quite easy to get American citizenship, or that once you marry an American you are a citizen. People conflate Green Cards (legal residency) with citizenship. Perhaps they assume there is a streamlined system.... Continue Reading →


I went back to Texas last week to see family. It was very Texan. I started saying "y'all" and remembered how to use the word "fixin" to mean "about to" or "preparing for". I saw a fox while running, had no trouble breathing because the air was so much cleaner, saw all the cousins on... Continue Reading →

Tiananmen and Turkey

June 4th is the 24th anniversary of Tiananmen square. In Hong Kong there is a yearly vigil in Victoria Park; last year saw 180,000 people participate, and last night tens of thousands braved a rain/thunderstorm to hold candles under umbrellas. This is a nice overview of it. Censorship has long been a problem in China,... Continue Reading →


Bombs went off in Boston at the Marathon. What? Why? Who are you? What? My friends live in Boston. I lived in Boston. People I love are in Boston. People I love went to Boston this week for the Marathon, for work, to see friends. My family will be in Boston this week. I am... Continue Reading →

You can see the stars

I was on a friend's terrace on Sunday night, we were in the middle of Sheung Wan in downtown Hong Kong, among the sky scrapers  and bright light in the middle of the night. I looked up and saw the stars. About 15 stars. But they were stars, and they were visible. This has only... Continue Reading →

EdX-self educating

I decided to learn how to do computers, in a better way. So, I signed up for CS50 (intro to computer science, basically) through Harvard on EdX. To investigate, go here. It is kinda exciting. I have discovered that there are an incredible number of people who do this. There is a section of the site... Continue Reading →

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