Attainable goals: tech update and others

My new year resolution was to buy a computer. I did, on Wednesday. I now type to you from my brand new laptop. It is lovely and shiny and new.

Because I had a hard-drive with my old computer stored on it, I plugged it in and immediately had all my old things. All my software, all my music, all my documents, and even the same desktop image. It is one of the most satisfying experiences: to see your lost and dead computer come back to life. Always have a backup. 

It is just like I have my old computer back, but it is prettier, faster and has nicer software. This means I now have no excuse to not draw and such, as I now have high quality programs for such things. You may start seeing more intricate photoshopping and digital drawing coming. But I cannot guarantee it.

I also started training in earnest for the half marathon I’m supposed to run in February. I even made a training log, so I can keep track of what I’m doing without having to rack my memory each time I wonder how much I should run compared to the last time. And if I don’t run, there will be embarrassingly large gaps. Little steps. But this is not my resolution, so it doesn’t matter if I’m slightly out of shape.

This all boils down to my attempt to have attainable and concrete goals in life. A goal doesn’t have to be long term to be satisfying. This is also related to me making to-do lists. Small tasks and errands are the best cause they get scratched off first. So my new years is done! Back to the rest of life. 

In other news, Hong Kong has a high of 64°f and a low of 56°f. Now that we’re in January, it finally feels like autumn. I miss the snow and frigid winds of winter, which in turn make me feel tough and awesome and able to ski, but I do like being warm all the time. Kinda nice. Maybe next year I’ll take a ski trip to Korea, I hear it’s nice. 

Happy back to work week.

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