Rooftop Trains

I have been taking an interlude to play with my new computer, and, more importantly, get used to my drawing software once again. I was thinking about what I should start off with, and so I flipped through the journal I keep of random thoughts as I walk about town, and saw that I had written: “Rooftop Train”.

I wrote this particular concise entry when I was having cocktails at a bar called ‘Mamoz’ in Causeway Bay. They have lovely drinks, and chop their ice according to the beverage: the old fashioned I ordered came with a 2x2x3 inch column of ice. Feels a tad pretentious, but I do love a pretentious cocktail.

Anyway, this place is also situated on the top floor with a rooftop. The rooftop overlooks Causeway Bay, and the mountains behind. There are buildings, the harbor, and the starless night sky of Hong Kong. There are also shorter buildings. The closest shorter building has the exciting feature of a railroad track. It circumnavigates the building. If one were riding in a train car on that track, one would be going in a tight square of 30 meters, about a foot away from the edge, with no guardrail.

We have discussed this train track, and decided it is likely for repairs of some kind, though I cannot claim to know why a train would be helpful.

As a result of this visual experience, I wrote down the two words: “Rooftop Train.” And it appeared to be the most accessible item to drawing I have in my notebook. I drew it on my computer, trying to get used to layers and adding details and things and choosing colors. Please forgive any roughness, but this is approximately what it looks like:

too big to be a train set, too small to be a real train

I found it to be unusual. Though in Hong Kong, trains and tracks thereof are an integral part of living. The tram is ubiquitous on the Island, and the MTR goes to 3 Islands and even to mainland China. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised they would have a track on a roof.

This also makes me consider what I should be doing with my own roof. A Jacuzzi? A train of my own? Or is the bbq with patio furniture and the beginnings of a garden (aka 3 struggling plants) enough?

One of the gifts I gave Pete for Christmas was a book on terrace gardens, so perhaps I will partake in new and wondrous uses for our rooftop space. But I may also stick to using it for laundry and reading and making fire.

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