It is finally over. There are flowers out; our balcony garden is sprouting; I can go running in shorts and a t-shirt. The thaw started in earnest in March, but April has started to get genuinely warm. Plants, no longer terrified of the sudden surprise cold snap that could destroy their spring buds, have begun... Continue Reading →

Typhoon Season: Utor

Summer in Hong Kong is time for spectating the weather. We watch the systems develop to the south, outside of the Philippines, and hope for two things: that it doesn't damage the area too much, and that it hits us directly and gives us days off. We have watched different storms all summer, watched them... Continue Reading →

Vacation filler

This has been a rather busy couple of weeks, for unknown reasons. It started getting warmer again, so I went outside more, lounged in my hammock and forgot to write. We are starting upĀ barbecuingĀ once again, and got one in right before the monsoon. Sunday night: burgers and wings on the roof. Monday night: leftovers inside... Continue Reading →

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