Vacation filler

This has been a rather busy couple of weeks, for unknown reasons. It started getting warmer again, so I went outside more, lounged in my hammock and forgot to write. We are starting up barbecuing once again, and got one in right before the monsoon. Sunday night: burgers and wings on the roof. Monday night: leftovers inside during the rain. Now we are going to escape to a beach holiday over the Easter public holidays. Then we’ll get back just in time for another public holiday (Ching Ming). 

Over the weekend I managed to go through LKF to see the festivities and was not disappointed. This is what it was like according to my snazzy phone camera:ImageRobins, Waldos, bananas and monks filled up the street. And this was only 9:30. We ended up in a bar where the outside was packed to bursting, but, if you went into the bar, the back had a multiplicity of tables available. Not too bad. 

Somehow the spring season has become a litany of holidays and festivals and having fun. I’m not complaining. More stories next week!


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