Rugby season

This week is the Rugby Sevens. For my American friends–that means a huge tournament of teams of 7 playing rugby. But the 7s don’t start til Friday. Right now, there is the Rugby 10s. And the 10s are free (you pay for beer).

The 10s are on the football pitch (Am: soccer field) at Happy Valley Race track. So last night if you went to the horse races, you might have also seen some rugby, and if you went to the rugby, you might also have seen some horses. The finals take place tonight (Thursday) and should be a raucous good time. Some of the 10s teams are made up of pros, so you get to see strong athleticism all over the field.

The 10s are not as boisterous as the 7s (no one is dressed in costume except for the women selling Heineken by the pitcher), but this might be a good thing. If they were too exciting, one might be overwhelmed by Thursday, and not even make it to Saturday for the costumed shenanigans (I don’t know why people wear costumes, they just do). It also makes a weekday night feel like a weekend: you get pitchers of beer delivered to your seat, muscled men in shorts beating each other up, and good friends who accidentally distract you from a fist fight in the middle of the pitch.

We also have an influx of tourists. I’ve already been asked directions to HK stadium, and there are lost looking folks in summer clothes all over Causeway and Happy Valley.  Thousands of people come to watch athletes play rugby in front of crowds who have been drinking and wearing costumes since 8AM Friday to Sunday.

If you’re into Rugby, and don’t mind paying a little extra for the season, pack a costume and make plans for next year now. If you don’t really care to see it, avoid late March in the future.

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