Christmas, Cats, and Trams

For the holiday we were cat-sitting a feline named Veronica. She is a gorgeous grey with stripes and a bushy tail, almost like a fox. I have never had a mammalian pet, and I was utterly fascinated. She is quite playful, so we made her toys; she would catch them and then forget about them, and then be entertained minutes later by the same thing. She is also athletic, and jumps and stands on her hind legs for minutes. We have a 27th floor window, which also gave her some entertainment: there are pigeons nesting across the street. Naturally, I photographed the experience. ImageImage

ImageImage We also went over to our friends’ home for Christmas dinner, where I was the sole American. i was mocked for saying things like herbs and scones incorrectly (correctly).There was delicious food, Christmas poppers, a gift exchange and a swim in the South China Sea (with mulled wine and mince pies) the next day. There were also 8kg of stilton. Image

Then, another friend has a momentous birthday: it required a party tram. I caught it after work, ran onto a tram full of people drinking beers and champagne. We wound up dancing throughout the city. From North Point to Wan Chai, we blared music from bluetooth speakers and waved at passers by with our Chinese beers in hand. The tram party is a Hong Kong staple, and reasonably so. Though in dancing, you need to make sure you hold on, as you might fall down. Image

happy new year!

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