A boring motivational moment in my life

I was feeling lazy this morning, and almost convinced myself it was okay to not go on a run. For those of you who don’t know, I am supposed to run a half marathon at the end of February, so it is somewhat important to stick to the routine. I’ve only been seriously training for a few weeks, and making the effort to get out of the house in the morning is extra important in this phase.

I started bargaining with myself, then I made excuses for myself, then I wasted time on youtube, then it was getting late… I was watching Jenna Marbles on youtube. One of her videos popped up: about App Addiction. (Language a bit inappropriate…) She mentioned that she had wasted entire days just sitting in bed, with her glasses on, playing stupid games on her phone. I suddenly saw myself, this morning, sitting on the couch watching tv without having brushed my teeth and drinking coffee dregs from my mug in a bathrobe. That was it.

This is not okay. I got up, procrastinated some more by sweeping and putting the laundry away, and then actually went on a 2 mile jog. As soon as I made the decision to do it, I knew that I had to. I tied up my shoes and got out the door.

The most important part of training is actually doing it, following your plan in some way. Everyday you can make a choice: to do it, or to be lazy and not. To have a good day, or an unproductive mediocre day. So thank you Jenna Marbles, for showing me that I was being ridiculous. If you read this, make a decision: to have a good day.

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