We don’t have any

A new mall opened a few months ago in Causeway Bay. I went with some co-workers for the novelty; we got dessert and explored. There is a fascinating 24 hour book store, a maze of escalotors and shops and a massive food court. We found our way to the top floor to select a dessert restaurant. We found a place that does “dessert dimsum and coffee,” all things we love. It was down to that or the croissant shop a floor bellow, and dimsum won because it was new and different.

We got a table and perused the 30 page menu with images and selected 4 deserts to try and the same number of beverages. They came and took our order. Durian pastry, “walnut paste in the apple, chocolate covered rice balls, and some sort of bread pudding. They didn’t have walnut paste in the apple, or the bread pudding, or the cappuccino I wanted, or 2 of the juice options my co-workers ordered. 3/8. We changed multiple times, playing the guessing game with the waitress.

“Do you have the sesame cake?”


“Do you have the soy yogurt?”


“Can you tell us what you do have?”

“Um… I don’t know…”

“Do you have the jelly beans in sauce with melon?”


“We’ll have that… And what coffee do you have?”

“Latte, and black.”

“I’ll have a latte. What about juices?”

“Just the aloe.”

We finally got our adventurous desserts and attempted to eat them with chopsticks. The jelly beans were hands down the most difficult, as they were essentially slippery and extra firm jello cut in to cubes. I managed to grip a couple with my chopsticks before the slid out of my grasp onto the table, or back in the bowl if we were lucky. We eventually just used the spoons or stabbed them with the blunt chopsticks.

My coffee hadn’t come long after we’d finished and I attempted to un-order it. An oddly difficult task, but we managed to leave and only pay for the food we ate. Which, as it happens was not much.

Being still hungry, we decided to try the croissant shop on the floor below as well.

We mused indecisively over the menu for a few minutes, and I decided to share a chocolate croissant with Molly. We approached the counter to place our order, and the barristo said “I’m sorry, we’re out of croissants. We have coffee though.”

We’re going to try again for the apple next week.

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