Running Bodies

I've been running distance since I was 12.  I started cross country in a middle school because I needed to make up for a gym credit. Hated it. Then it got easier, and I had friends, and it was actually fun. It's always been because it's fun. I have been incredibly fortunate to have been... Continue Reading →

Food Culture

I had a 7 hour layover in Vancouver, so I went downtown to sit outside and write, then ambled to a brewery pub for dinner. It was August, and I ate outside. I had a good meal and a nice beer. The waitress was fairly slow; I sat at my table with a menu, by... Continue Reading →

Lei Yue Mun: fish

In Hong Kong it may be advisable to avoid eating bottom feeders like oysters and shellfish from the area because of the water quality, but fish markets are full of styrofoam boxes filled with water and flapping fish the size of a cat. I love going to a stall and selecting my fish from a... Continue Reading →

Returning to old haunts

It's March! Apologies for not posting more regularly. I celebrated my Birthday last month, and my friends' birthdays, and embarked on some new ventures. Most definingly, I went back to my favorite spots in Hong Kong for the first time in ages. Having been remiss in my visits to both of my two favorite places,... Continue Reading →

Another Week of Mostly Eating

Last week I forgot to post because I was spending so much time doing other things, namely eating. Brunch, BBQ dinner, Dim Dim Sum for the first time (they have excellent chicken feet, really, absolutely delightful), Indian food, Nha Trong, and the most memorable cooked food center meal I have ever had. A friend, Bean,... Continue Reading →


I have been eating well. Exceptionally well. This seems to be the most important thing on my mind at the moment. On Monday I went to a friend's in Sai Kung, and we ate at a tiny cafe near the bus terminus. We went to a place called "Le Bonbon De Paris" (see openrice for... Continue Reading →

A Food Expo

Last weekend there was, as you may be able to guess from the title, a food expo. Just a big conference of food. From vendors in Hong Kong and abroad. It was, as you would expect, very crowded. People even brought suitcases to take all the loot home. My friend  JV had acquired VIP tickets... Continue Reading →

A word against trendy restaurants.

We were going to go to a nice restaurant. They don't take reservations, so one of us tried to get there earlier than the others at 7. It was  a 2 hour wait. A small restaurant, with only bar seating, vaguely western tapas. We had heard glorious things about the menu. To be fair, it... Continue Reading →

A rainy weekend in Taipei

I love Taipei. It is so chill. It has a city feel, but also seems more rural and friendly. I went for three days last week over the Dragon Boat festival holiday. (I missed the festival in HK, but it was great to get away for a second. I'll go next year?) It is like... Continue Reading →

Secret Ingredient

Last night a friend and I managed to finagle our way into an event. We got tickets a couple hours after it was announced on Sassy Hong Kong, and it filled up a couple hours later. A cinco de mayo themed cooking class and beer tasting. A dream evening. We found the place, Secret Ingredient, in a... Continue Reading →

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