We don’t have any

A new mall opened a few months ago in Causeway Bay. I went with some co-workers for the novelty; we got dessert and explored. There is a fascinating 24 hour book store, a maze of escalotors and shops and a massive food court. We found our way to the top floor to select a dessert... Continue Reading →

Finding Ozone

On Monday night ML and I were supposed to meet friends at Ozone. Neither of us had ever been to this bar, and we did not know how to get there. The friends texted us saying that it was in Kowloon, they were taking a cab, "walking is impossible." Kowloon is huge. That's like saying... Continue Reading →

I encounter an overweight American

An odd thing happened when we had nearly finished our dinner at Big Bite yesterday and had started looking at youtube on a smartphone: a man near the cashier started yelling. Our first response was "oh, shut up, we're trying to watch a video." Quietly, of course. Then we looked, and realized there might actually... Continue Reading →

Grill and a lemon tree

We finally purchased furniture, plants and a bbq for the roof! The furniture arrived in the afternoon, and was built by the time I got home from work, my Sunday coworkers and a case of beer in tow. The inaugural barbeque had 5 bowls of salad, 2 steaks, 8 sausages and 2 chicken thighs left... Continue Reading →

Canadian Hamburgers in Hong Kong

About a 10 minute walk from my flat, there is a Canadian burger restaurant. I had never seen a restaurant advertised as 'Canadian' before, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. We heard it was a burger joint, and that was all. A review posted online proclaimed: "the soup was good." ┬áSomeone went to... Continue Reading →

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