Happy New Year

We got back from the UK Tuesday afternoon at 4 after leaving London at 7am Monday. Our flight had been delayed from Mumbai, so we spent 3 hours playing cribbage, eating KFC and drinking pints in the airport. Then I slept the entire flight home, and on the bus ride back to our apartment. Then... Continue Reading →

Holiday Catch up

With visits, traveling, work, deadlines, and imminent holidays I neglected my blog. I decided to allow myself to take a break. But now I shall make moderate reparations. In December: We went to 3 nights of Clockenflap, Hong Kong's annual music festival, which started in 2008, had 1500 people and was free. It is now... Continue Reading →

Typhoon Season: Utor

Summer in Hong Kong is time for spectating the weather. We watch the systems develop to the south, outside of the Philippines, and hope for two things: that it doesn't damage the area too much, and that it hits us directly and gives us days off. We have watched different storms all summer, watched them... Continue Reading →

Beijing for the weekend

Being in the Eastern hemisphere has it's benefits. Specifically, whenever someone comes into town (town being anywhere in East Asia) I am promptly informed, my presence is inquired after, and advice is sometimes sought. The truth of the matter is, if a person means a lot to me, and they are within an 8 hour... Continue Reading →

Quick Blog

I have been busy. Beijing, Opera, Football. Exciting times. I have also been ill, received sad news about some people I care for (perhaps a symptom of living abroad?), and missed some close friends terribly.  Consequently and unfortunately: no writing! I have fallen short of my once a week minimum, and shall rectify this soon. I... Continue Reading →

Fourth of July

I have grown to love holidays more as I have gotten older and moved around the world. Celebrating things while in different countries allows me to have a multiplicity of excuses to celebrate. New holidays are always a great time. We celebrated Handover Day on Monday with a Junk Boat: quintessential Hong Kong. It was... Continue Reading →

A word against trendy restaurants.

We were going to go to a nice restaurant. They don't take reservations, so one of us tried to get there earlier than the others at 7. It was  a 2 hour wait. A small restaurant, with only bar seating, vaguely western tapas. We had heard glorious things about the menu. To be fair, it... Continue Reading →

Hung Hom, or Perspectives

My home is on Hong Kong Island, though Hong Kong SAR is actually comprised of many bits of land. HK island, Lantau, Lamma, Cheung Chau, Po Tai, are just some of the islands, while Kowloon and the New Territories are actually connected by land to Mainland China. I tend to spend most of my time... Continue Reading →

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