Holiday Catch up

With visits, traveling, work, deadlines, and imminent holidays I neglected my blog. I decided to allow myself to take a break. But now I shall make moderate reparations.

In December:

We went to 3 nights of Clockenflap, Hong Kong’s annual music festival, which started in 2008, had 1500 people and was free. It is now about 500 HKD per day (about 1000 for a three day pass, a much better deal) and significantly more popular. The bands were also quite impressive. Even though Two Door Cinema Club canceled because of an illness, Franz Ferdinand and Metric made my weekend worth the price of the ticket. Of course, another highlight was the silent rave, where we rented headphones and danced like mad in front of the night skyline. Watching the shows at the main stage, we were sandwiched between ICC, the Harbor and the vista of Hong Kong Island with airplanes flying directly overhead.

That was the big huzzah before some serious work. But we won’t discuss the gritty details. Christmas parties also began happening, as did Christmas shopping and prepping for our trip and exchanges. We went down to some markets to get gifts, and wandered around. P’s friend from uni came to visit, and we did more wanderings. A tram day and feast after feast. One night at the North Point Cooked Food Center our dinner turned into a veritable night club with LKF music and dancing around tables of seafood.

And now, it’s Christmas. We flew out of Hong Kong and made it to England just before a storm ruined train and plane schedules. We made it 5 minutes late, which was incredibly better than the people heading to the coast who were stuck on a train overnight. Since we’ve been at the house, there has been nearly constant baking, and eating of said baking. My parents just asked what traditions were different in England than everywhere else, and I told them I would find out besides the mince pies and cider, so I shall. That’s all for now. Until then, Happy Holidays.

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