Happy New Year

We got back from the UK Tuesday afternoon at 4 after leaving London at 7am Monday. Our flight had been delayed from Mumbai, so we spent 3 hours playing cribbage, eating KFC and drinking pints in the airport. Then I slept the entire flight home, and on the bus ride back to our apartment. Then we used our own bathroom, showered, downed pints of coffee and went out to dinner and then on a NYE junk boat. We worried we wouldn’t make it because of the delays and the jet lag, but we did. We were home for an hour or two before we left again. The jet lag may have even helped us stay awake, it certainly helped us sleep until 3PM new years day.

The NYE junk boat left at 9:30 then putzed around the harbor. Police boats wrangled all the junks into one area for firework viewing and safety, and we drank beers, whiskey cokes and babychamps as the ICC counted down the time. Because my amazing friend KN organized, it was the easiest, and loveliest NYE party I have ever been to. We walked to the dock, got on a boat and chilled out for 4 hours with people we liked. If you get the chance, NYE junk boats on the harbor are a fantastic way to bring in the New Year. We avoided the horrible crowds at clubs and on the harbor front; there was nowhere else to be, and we had music and drinks and friends. Organizing was a little difficult, but completely worth it for everyone there. 

At midnight the countdown appeared on the ICC; we counted and sang the only words anyone knows to Auld Lang Syne; we kissed and hugged and made toasts. Then we danced and talked and made merry.

In review, it was an eventful year, with accomplishments and disappointments and new friends and old friends. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

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