Laser Light Show followed by Mahjong

Yeah, Hong Kong has a laser show. No, I had not gone to it until Monday night. It is the main thing to do over our lovely skyline, but I was just too busy eating good food and having cocktails to give it a shot. So on Monday we took our visiting friends (woo!) down to TST a few minutes before the start and settled down to watch the buildings on the island perform. It was even in English that evening!

Lasers spouted from about 6 of the buildings and another set of them lit up creatively, some might say spastically. The Bank Of China building seems to class it up with cascades but the HSBC just sort of throws it all out there with spot lights and bright colors and shiny. All this along with the accompanying synth track played along the promenade just creates the entire atmosphere of what can only be described as elegance and class.

We definitely began humming the tunes as we walked away. Like a ring tone you can’t get out of your head.

I’m not sure I get it, but I’m glad I’ve seen it now.  I can now take all my future visitors for a 15 minute interlude of synthesizer and lights.

I enjoyed what we did afterwards slightly more: mahjong. We bought our first set earlier that day in the Ladies Market and introduced our friends from the UK to the glories of the four winds. Not that we actually know all the rules. We have a medium sized set in a beautiful wooden box that fits on our coffee table. I loved bargaining for it because the shop owner almost didn’t sell it to us. Maybe she was acting, but maybe we got a good deal! We also got a handbag from an agressive man for about half his asking price. Not a terrible day.

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