Food Culture

I had a 7 hour layover in Vancouver, so I went downtown to sit outside and write, then ambled to a brewery pub for dinner. It was August, and I ate outside. I had a good meal and a nice beer. The waitress was fairly slow; I sat at my table with a menu, by... Continue Reading →

A word against trendy restaurants.

We were going to go to a nice restaurant. They don't take reservations, so one of us tried to get there earlier than the others at 7. It was  a 2 hour wait. A small restaurant, with only bar seating, vaguely western tapas. We had heard glorious things about the menu. To be fair, it... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Density

There are 10,436 restaurants on Hong Kong Island according to Open Rice. There may be less than that, because sometimes they have closed listings. There are 12,628 listed in All of Kowloon. 9,130 restaurants in all of the New Territories. The outlying islands only have 831. That generous estimate amounts to 33,025 restaurants in the... Continue Reading →

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