My radio silence for the recent period is largely due to a massive list of things I have to do. Currently chief among them are things related to moving. These are the first two poorly packed boxes I shall mail to our new locale. We even have tubes to transport our art collection, which recently expanded on a trip to Japan. But the main point is that we are moving, and there is lots to do.

I feel like I’ve gotten a bit of a handle on all the things I must do, deadlines to meet, forms to fill, accounts to close. P has taken tons of the burdens off my shoulders, generals, and I even made a massive spreadsheet with lists for various tasks: box contents, to-dos in Hong Kong, to-dos in the new place, possible apartments, timelines and costs for all, etc.

This has been looming for months, and it is approaching time to actually take action, which has been a relief. The waiting is full of stress, but the doing is simple when you know what has to get done. So now there are boxes full of sweaters and boardgames waiting to be mailed.

I’m excited to spend the next month with friends here, and terribly sad to be leaving. It will be a new adventure. And hopefully I’ll keep this updating through the process.

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