Returning to old haunts

It's March! Apologies for not posting more regularly. I celebrated my Birthday last month, and my friends' birthdays, and embarked on some new ventures. Most definingly, I went back to my favorite spots in Hong Kong for the first time in ages. Having been remiss in my visits to both of my two favorite places,... Continue Reading →

Another Week of Mostly Eating

Last week I forgot to post because I was spending so much time doing other things, namely eating. Brunch, BBQ dinner, Dim Dim Sum for the first time (they have excellent chicken feet, really, absolutely delightful), Indian food, Nha Trong, and the most memorable cooked food center meal I have ever had. A friend, Bean,... Continue Reading →


I decided that I would start going to more live music this year, and I have been implementing this plan with moderate success. Over the weekend I went to not one, but two concerts! My friend JV took me to Bella Electra-jazz brass and electro-rap, and last night I went to the Killers. It was fabulous.... Continue Reading →


I went back to Texas last week to see family. It was very Texan. I started saying "y'all" and remembered how to use the word "fixin" to mean "about to" or "preparing for". I saw a fox while running, had no trouble breathing because the air was so much cleaner, saw all the cousins on... Continue Reading →


I have been eating well. Exceptionally well. This seems to be the most important thing on my mind at the moment. On Monday I went to a friend's in Sai Kung, and we ate at a tiny cafe near the bus terminus. We went to a place called "Le Bonbon De Paris" (see openrice for... Continue Reading →

A Food Expo

Last weekend there was, as you may be able to guess from the title, a food expo. Just a big conference of food. From vendors in Hong Kong and abroad. It was, as you would expect, very crowded. People even brought suitcases to take all the loot home. My friend  JV had acquired VIP tickets... Continue Reading →

Typhoon Season: Utor

Summer in Hong Kong is time for spectating the weather. We watch the systems develop to the south, outside of the Philippines, and hope for two things: that it doesn't damage the area too much, and that it hits us directly and gives us days off. We have watched different storms all summer, watched them... Continue Reading →

Infinity Pool

Summer is a good time of the year to stay in the shade or in the air conditioned comfort of the indoor mecca that is Hong Kong. It is also a good time to get sunburned on a hike and jump into freshwater streams or the ocean, then eat a delicious meal on the beach,... Continue Reading →

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