On not feeling foreign all the time, but continuing to feel like an immigrant.

Coming home is a new country

Lack of challenge and urgency takes away some of the seduction of exploration.

Hosting Friends

Being in Hong Kong there are constantly people coming and going. Whether they are here on a layover, vacation, visa run, working or actually visiting you, you are constantly seeing or meeting new people. I have seen old colleagues, classmates, acquaintances, friends from 15 years ago, friends of friends, all passing through our city in... Continue Reading →

Temporarily home

I moved to Hong Kong with a single checked bag, a carry on suitcase and a purse. I had some clothes, shoes, a towel, measuring cups, nutmeg, and some essential toiletries and medicines. Since I have been here, I've stocked a kitchen with dishes and food stuffs, purchased a DVD player, bookshelves, board games, art,... Continue Reading →

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