Beer: brewing and drinking

In Hong Kong I had an American craft beer subscription that brought two six packs of miscellaneous American imports, mostly from the west coast or Hawaii, to my door once a month.  This saved me from the monotony of cases of Carlsberg or PBR or Tsing Tao at the grocery store, and was less expensive... Continue Reading →

Road Trip

Shocking fact about America: vacations usually are planned more than 2 weeks in advance. While living in Hong Kong, we would watch our emails for “Cathay Fanfares” in the hopes of snagging a flight to the Philippines, or Siem Reap, or Bali, or Kyoto, or Taipei for the weekend for a mere 100USD. Once a... Continue Reading →

Secret Ingredient

Last night a friend and I managed to finagle our way into an event. We got tickets a couple hours after it was announced on Sassy Hong Kong, and it filled up a couple hours later. A cinco de mayo themed cooking class and beer tasting. A dream evening. We found the place, Secret Ingredient, in a... Continue Reading →

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