Small town vacation

We took the ferry over to Mui Wo to go sit on the beach. We arrived at Chung Sha at about 3 PM , began our afternoon of drinking Tiger draft, with our feet in the sand, and watching the sky go from greyish blue to grey, to navy blue, to night.
We threw frisbees on the beach, dodging a family photo shoot of children gathering seashells, as it was a Sunday. We also watched teenagers attempt to surf and crash into shore, and we attempted to avoid hitting them on the head. 
We moved to the Stoep as the sun set (pronounced shtoop) and laid out dominoes to play Mexican Train while we mused over a bottle of Chardonnay and munched garlic bread, hummus and chorizo. I and another player managed to go out in the first turn frustrating everyone else for two rounds. The waves crashed into the shore, friends and neighbors of friends came over to say hello. 

We finished the game (P won, by a significant margin thanks to three rounds with zero points accumulated) and headed over to a new friend’s roof to project a film onto their wall. It replicated a more comfortable drive-in theater, with wicker sofas and an ocean breeze. We stayed awake for about 15 minutes of the film. 
I enjoy spending time on Lantau and went there twice in as many weekends. It is my favorite place to go to escape the city. You can’t even see the skyline, though you can see ferries speeding along, seeming to play chicken in the waves.
There was a music festival near Mui Wo over the weekend which I did not attend; there was a junk trip I did not attend; I did not go hiking; I did not run a race. There were many things I did not do. I did however, enjoy immensely my weekend sitting on the beach playing a game. Monday, a public holiday, we recovered and roasted a chicken to make roast chicken sandwiches on baguette. I was the most relaxed I have been in ages. Sometimes you don’t need a vacation to get away. 

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