This week in Hong Kong I received my electricity bill and it was a whopping zero dollars. It said: “please pay this amount: 0.00” We used 95$ worth of electricity, and the HK government subsidy is 150$. Our bill resulted in a negative balance.

I took some rugs to the dry cleaner, and she noticed I hadn’t been in a while. She  told me that my rugs were far too dirty. But she cleaned them anyway, and they are now fluffy and pure. The cost to me was 150HK$, or about 20US$, for two floor rugs and a couch cover.

I went to see the Hobbit (in 2D, which was lovely in my opinion), and bought tickets in advance for me and 5 friends and it cost 10$ a pop. We had great Vietnamese food in 30 minutes after work before the movie at 6:30 for less than the price of the movie.

Though rent in this city is the highest in the world, everything else is pretty reasonable. I’d say it’s been a pretty good week.

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