Lemon Tree update

We have a small problem: we skipped a day of watering the plants. Ordinarily, this would not be a terrible thing. However, that week was unusually dry (i.e. the humidity was 50%) and the lemons take significant amounts of moisture. We went up to water the plants and eat breakfast, and half of the leaves were shriveling.

I of course, panicked. “The Lemon Tree is dying!” I lamented throughout the meal, “We killed Stewart!” (I had already named the tree). Our friend Cam, when we told him of the tree’s imminent demise, said, “I’ve been worried about Stewart, he’s been so acerbic lately, I fear he’s gone sour.” I wrote down his words of wisdom.

The next day some of it had sprung back, the lemons looked stouter; there was promise. Now, it has been a week, and half the leaves have fallen, and half the leaves are healthy. But the healthy leaves have caterpillars. Caterpillars of doom.

We may only have the Orange Jessamine  to keep us company in the days to come. In pace requiescat!

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