Hong Kong Half Marathon or why I love Hong Kong

I ran the Hong Kong Half Marathon last Sunday, and I am very tired. After taking 18 months off of serious running (I hadn't done a run of more than 4 miles since graduating from university), I started running 3-5 days a week, and building up my longest run to 9.5 miles. Then Sunday, I... Continue Reading →

Bowen Road: found

Yesterday I finally found Bowen Road. Largely thanks to the advice of a colleague- thanks Molly! To get there, for those who live in Hong Kong, go to Queens Road East from Happy Valley, and run towards Wan Chai, then past Stubbs Road (the road of doom), and turn left onto Kennedy street (or road...).... Continue Reading →

Places to Run in Hong Kong

Today I went for a 7.5 mile run. Much of it involved weaving through slow moving and wide pedestrians who don't feel the need to move out of your way even when you're running straight toward them, some of it on a race track, some of it dodging cars. My goal had been to go... Continue Reading →

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