You don't have to have a car in Chicago, but it helps. My first day in the city (and subsequent days in the city), I used public transportation to get everywhere, as I have┬ádone in every other city in which I've lived. It worked fabulously, cheaply, and with great character. The rattling trains and overground... Continue Reading →

Someone talks to me on the bus

Normally on public transport, everyone stares discretely at their phone and plays some form of tetris. I read my kindle, listen to my music, look at other people listening to their music and playing their games. I forgot my ipod at work the previous day, so only had my books to keep me company. Perhaps... Continue Reading →


Hong Kong is rife with escalators. I take at least 4 a day. There's one to get up to the footbridge-you go through a wet market, and if you go up the next one you'll be in a set of restaurants. There's one to go down from the footbridge, there's one to get to the... Continue Reading →

Finding Ozone

On Monday night ML and I were supposed to meet friends at Ozone. Neither of us had ever been to this bar, and we did not know how to get there. The friends texted us saying that it was in Kowloon, they were taking a cab, "walking is impossible." Kowloon is huge. That's like saying... Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Public Transportation

I rely on public transportation everyday. I take the train to work, sometimes the bus or the tram. I also occasionally walk when the weather is nice. I should be honest though, it takes me 20-25 minutes to get from my front door to the office no matter which type of transportation I use; walking,... Continue Reading →

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