Tiananmen and Turkey

June 4th is the 24th anniversary of Tiananmen square. In Hong Kong there is a yearly vigil in Victoria Park; last year saw 180,000 people participate, and last night tens of thousands braved a rain/thunderstorm to hold candles under umbrellas. This is a nice overview of it. Censorship has long been a problem in China,... Continue Reading →


Hong Kong is rife with escalators. I take at least 4 a day. There's one to get up to the footbridge-you go through a wet market, and if you go up the next one you'll be in a set of restaurants. There's one to go down from the footbridge, there's one to get to the... Continue Reading →

Bars in Mandarin

We had Mandarin class this morning, and it turned into a discussion of bar vocabulary: "drunk," "wine," "beer," "bar," "a bar called peach." We now know 9 verbs: want, have, am, eat, drink, go, like, call, miss. Maybe some others too. The adjective are varied and delightful: drunk, happy, excited, confident, tired, lazy, small, patient,... Continue Reading →

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