As an athlete, I’ve always known that rest days were important. You need to build recovery days into your routine, so you don’t literally injure yourself. And obviously, you also take days off from work. But what about the rest of my life? Do you need rest days from socializing? From creativity? From cooking? From... Continue Reading →

Hung Hom, or Perspectives

My home is on Hong Kong Island, though Hong Kong SAR is actually comprised of many bits of land. HK island, Lantau, Lamma, Cheung Chau, Po Tai, are just some of the islands, while Kowloon and the New Territories are actually connected by land to Mainland China. I tend to spend most of my time... Continue Reading →

I was inspired to write about space.

I read an article (sent to me by a friend) on the New York Times this morning about downsizing: home size and stuff.  Last week, I wrote a post about my small apartment and wanting more space. Somehow this article validated my current home–making it seem morally superior to a larger home–and encouraged me to... Continue Reading →


Hong Kong is rife with escalators. I take at least 4 a day. There's one to get up to the footbridge-you go through a wet market, and if you go up the next one you'll be in a set of restaurants. There's one to go down from the footbridge, there's one to get to the... Continue Reading →


There is a Zoroastrian building on Leighton road near my office. There is a golden faravahar on the corner of the building, and the label over 101 Leigton road says "Zoroastrian Building" in polished gold letters. They have recently erected bamboo scafolding for some refurbishments, and so the faravahar is no longer visible, but you... Continue Reading →

Odor, Noise, View

Smell of a city Today Hong Kong smelled like bread and herbs. Like fish in an alley. Like ocean breezes. Like incense. Like wooden furniture. Like basil. Like metal. Like gasoline. Like pollution. Like tea. Like a sanitized elevator. Like chocolate. Like body odor. Like refuse. Like rust. Like plastic. Like air conditioners. Like congee and... Continue Reading →

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