Places to Run in Hong Kong

Today I went for a 7.5 mile run. Much of it involved weaving through slow moving and wide pedestrians who don't feel the need to move out of your way even when you're running straight toward them, some of it on a race track, some of it dodging cars. My goal had been to go... Continue Reading →

Finding Ozone

On Monday night ML and I were supposed to meet friends at Ozone. Neither of us had ever been to this bar, and we did not know how to get there. The friends texted us saying that it was in Kowloon, they were taking a cab, "walking is impossible." Kowloon is huge. That's like saying... Continue Reading →

Beware of Dogs

The soreness from paddling alerted me to the fact that I am not in top fitness. So today, on my final day of the 3 day weekend that should be a 4 day weekend, I went on a run. I walked up the massive set of stairs to the trail, then up the stairs on... Continue Reading →

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