A Labyrinth of Immigration

Many people, including me (though I have fewer now I hope), have misconceptions about American Immigration. They might assume that it is quite easy to get American citizenship, or that once you marry an American you are a citizen. People conflate Green Cards (legal residency) with citizenship. Perhaps they assume there is a streamlined system.... Continue Reading →

Macau and Family

My family visited: big brother and parents going around the city. It was great to show them around the city, take them to good restaurants and force them to try strange foods, even if they didn't like dim sum as much as I do. We did all the normal Hong Kong things, even did the... Continue Reading →

Being abroad during major events

This week Hurricane Sandy is descending upon the North East US. My family and friends are there, watching the storm, prepped for power outages and hoping trees don't fall into their homes. ┬áHarvard closed its campus for the first time in 34 years; I don't get to enjoy it, but all my friends who are... Continue Reading →

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