Lantau Loop and Hiking a Peak

When guests come to Hong Kong, they often want to do similar things. You send them to the escalator, to see the peak, to a night market; you eat all the dim sum. Not surprisingly, the Big Buddha with the cable car is usually on the list. I have now gone to Ngong Ping 4... Continue Reading →

Infinity Pool

Summer is a good time of the year to stay in the shade or in the air conditioned comfort of the indoor mecca that is Hong Kong. It is also a good time to get sunburned on a hike and jump into freshwater streams or the ocean, then eat a delicious meal on the beach,... Continue Reading →

Bowen Road: found

Yesterday I finally found Bowen Road. Largely thanks to the advice of a colleague- thanks Molly! To get there, for those who live in Hong Kong, go to Queens Road East from Happy Valley, and run towards Wan Chai, then past Stubbs Road (the road of doom), and turn left onto Kennedy street (or road...).... Continue Reading →

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